Who We Are

Notes lnc Media is the Production & Marketing division under the parent brand, NOTES. We are Africa s Production Partners that serve the needs of broadcasters, media agencies, mobile sen/ice providers, corporates, foundations, government agencies and freelance journalists via by forming key partnerships via TV, radio ,digital and Theatre productions across all value chains as the spectrum of communication needs vary from brief to brief and core demographics. As we believe content is a global conversation thus we connect Africa with the global production community. As we believe these expanding audiences our core focus is collaborations with Africans or Africa stories not just within Africa but any where an Africa story tells.

We Assist in producing events targeted to the African diaspora in some parts of Europe and of course here in our motherland. The more peculiar the event the more intrigued we are.

Live Broadcast facilitation, Cue Dubs, Real time translations be it festivals or corporate occasions as long as they focus on innovative ways to crete engaging live experiences that connect varied cross cultural audience. We are in.

We aid the clients through the entire event process from ideation to completion to be able to achieve the perfect audio-visual experience. Due to our multilingual skill set, managing past events, The Ministry of Communication and Culture Burkina Faso reached out to us. Producing the oldest black ?lm festival in Africa was quite a unique experience. We bridged the cultural divide of leading a technical/creative team gathered from various countries across Africa for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of FESPACO 2011 /2013.

Nigeria hosted the once in a lifetime opportunity of FlFA'S trophy touring through the country. Notes inc Media partnered with Google Nigeria, Ogvily Media Kenya, to deliver a seamless experience to the world courtesy Coca cola.

Producing the live syndication of the main events in Lagos and Abuja across Satellite, TV, Mobile to 6 Neighbouring countries in west Africa & FlFA's headquarters in France. was right up our alley.