Production Services


Notes Inc media has been part all sort of all TV programing content along the various capacities in the value chain of production be it Work for hire, Network commissioned, Original branded shows etc.,…most exciting is currently the developing a slate of television shows for release in on various terrestrial, satellite and online platforms for distribution worldwide.
 We have expertise in quite range from Entertainment, Scripted, and Factual to Live Programming.


African stories are a growing commodity in the global radio content market from radio campaigns to Studio bytes our list of radio programming and audio production is gradually growing for radio broadcaster that have recognized the pockets of African audiences and Afrocentric listeners within their usual mass of listener



We are a small team that offer a hands-on boutique approach on managing or our own productions or work with foreign teams in various local capacities. We work extensively on international productions with relationships with local promoters and global partners mostly in the German theater space swell as west African performing arts circles.
Due to our expertise and experience in producing or being part of different sized productions, we wield this to be able to engage different demographics to meet varying marketing or communications goals and most recently between burgeoning sit-down seasons, we partner with developmental organizations or projects to use theater/performance arts as a tool of social change and communicating sustainable development agendas especially when engaging grassroots audiences.


Africa is the world's second-largest and second-most-populous continent with a population of 1.2 Billion people in the world We believes in the fluidity of human emotion regardless of culture or origin or content. Content is cross cultural; it is a common emotion experiences that engage the common traces in our humanity and with recent spurs in globalization via technology , access is at arms reach makes content ,its art and business of engagement a lot more global than we know before.
However there's a huge local content gap for Africa across all value value chains, with a bourgeoning audience spread across the world. If the world population is significantly African and the population of African diaspora is significantly still unaccounted for it is right to say that Africa is a worthwhile market to Read more


Unifying communities with local and national events will improve African narrative in its global networks. We will assist in promoting and managing events targeted to the African diaspora in some parts of Europe and of course our motherland.
Events range from festivals to corporate occasions.


We strive to translate your message in a way that has never been seen before. Our innovative marketing techniques, left-of-center approach and desire to scale the most challenging heights are what sets us apart especially for products/brands penetrating new markets Instore retailer programs, market and trade activations ,mystery shopper audits, roadshows, product demonstrations, product sampling, consumer education programs etc. to all our corporate brands.