About Us

Africa is the world's second-largest and second-most-populous continent with a population of 1.2 Billion people in the world We believes in the ?uidity of human emotion regardless of culture or origin or content. Content is cross cultural; it is a common emotion experiences that engage the common traces in our humanity and with recent spurs in globalization via technology , access is at arms reach makes content ,its art and business of engagement a lot more global than we know before.

However there's a huge local content gap for Africa across all value value chains, with a bourgeoning audience spread across the world. If the world population is signi?cantly African and the population of African diaspora is signi?cantly still unaccounted for it is right to say that Africa is a worthwhile market to TV Show. The German version of the popular Got Talent franchise became one of the most successful TV Show formats on conservative Austrian TV screens.

As 2nd Unit Line Producers, it was a rare privilege to ensure that all budgets and production targets ?nancially and creatively.. were achieved for all VT, Links and ENG content broadcast during the show SHOWING ON FALL 2019 Produced by Lupita Nyongo written by Dana| Guirria Americanah will be the first Nigerian based narrative co- commissioned as a special miniseries by FOX/ABC studios To be Shot across USA UK and its Hometown Nigeria We alongside Potboiler UK Rapid Blue SA are local producers for Americanah.